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London, UK
Organisation: Tonkotsu
Job title / role: Restaurateur and Entrepreneur
Industry: Hospitality

Co-founded Tonkotsu restaurant group in 2012 alongside business partner Kensuke Yamada. Nine Tonkotsu restaurants in London and Birmingham with serious expansion plans.

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Latest LBWomen Event

125 Golden Lane

LBWomen celebrate in aptly named Golden Lane.

In the depth of winter, LBWomen gathered at the home of Tina Wilkinson and Rose Casas to celebrate starting up a new digital platform for LBWomen.  What has become increasingly clear is that LBWomen do want to celebrate themselves and celebrate each other – we do want to stand proud and we recognise just what a truly dynamic and vibrant community we are.

Where better place than to do that in an architecturally-celebrated house right in the heart of the City of London? The house alone is the essence of the diversity of LBWomen.  Tina and Rose’s house is a triumph of modern, award-winning design - but has old roots as a bakery; is super-funky - but still very much a home; is 3.5 metres wide – but located in the heart of one of the oldest and largest cities on the planet.