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London, UK
Organisation: Financial Conduct Authority
Job title / role: Director, Market Oversight Division
Industry: Financial

Julia Hoggett has been the Director of Market Oversight at the Financial Conduct Authority since April 2017, having first joined the Authority in May 2014 as Head of the Wholesale Banking Supervision Department. In her current role, she is responsible for overseeing the conduct of participants in the primary and secondary markets through the listing, prospectus and market abuse regimes.

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Fight the Good Fight – Pride in London Boxing

As always with me, the day starts in a fairly pedestrian way and then something unexpected happens and it all changes . . . . back in March 2017 was NO exception. Scrolling through my Instagram, I see an advert for ‘Pride Boxing’ – and think nothing of it. Later in the day, my team and I (mainly women) are having the ‘weight loss’ conversation where upon I say –oh I’m thinking of doing ‘Pride Boxing; boxers are always super fit and toned” but I wasn’t really thinking that – I was just saying it to show off (I’m very mature like that!).

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LBWomen.org has been invited to take part in the 2018 Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Seattle. Each year, thousands of executives, Employee Resource Group members, HR and Diversity & Inclusion professionals join other experts to share strategies and best practices to create workplaces which are inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. This year promises to be the biggest yet, with 6000 delegates expected during the three days of educational opportunities including over 90 workshops, featured panels, community advisory roundtables, special networking mixers, receptions and events, and inspirational plenaries featuring prominent LGBTQ and ally leaders and amazing performances. The core LBWomen team of Pippa Dale, Sarah Garrett, Stephanie Highett, Robyn Streisand and Chloe Davies will be playing an active part in a number of events, including the Women’s Reception on Tuesday 2 October and the Women’s Leadership Breakfast on Wednesday 3 October, so please – if you are there - make sure you come and find us – we will be delighted to see you!