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London, UK
Organisation: House of Lords
Job title / role: Baroness
Industry: Public Sector

Spokesperson on charities, social enterprise and LGBT equality. Owner consultancy ThirdSectorBusiness providing business development and governance advice and thought leadership. World’s slowest cyclist.

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Karma Chameleon

There is a delicious irony that the title of the one Culture Club song I actively dislike is so apt for my first ever blog for LBWomen.
But perfect it is for this tale of two parts, starting with the professional stuff.

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LBWomen New York Launch

LBWomen New York Launch Breakfast

Introduction by: Erin Uritus - CEO, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates.
Come and meet the London Ambassadors.
Location: 9th Floor Client Centre, 787 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10019

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